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  3. Hi, this is Muhammad Usman Amjad from lahore paksitan, I have been working as an oracle Developer for the last 10 years.I am here to enhance my Fusion Middleware skills.
  4. Hi All, In Integrated Replicat process, how should I handle long running transaction, I have used batchsql,commit_serialization,eager_size but still lag at checkpoint is not decreasing?? Could anyone assist regarding this?? Thanks, Saurabh Suman
  5. Hello all, I'm Gokhan from Istanbul, Turkey. I have been working as a Database Architect in IT sector for 20 years. I'm here to enhance my existing Oracle DB and Oracle Cloud knowledge with the aid of K21 Academy's courses.
  6. Hello All, Its pleasure to be part of online member in K21 technologies. Very excited to learn OAM
  7. Hi Priyatosh Thanks for writing to us! PFB for the answer to your query. Upgrading JDK at source would be a better option as RHEL5 has some known issues with lower version of JDK. Oracle home can be upgraded later after Linux upgrade so out of option you can go to OPTION 1 Upgrade ORACLE_HOME and JDK on RHEL 5 and then migrate to RHEL7 Regards kirti
  8. Hi team, This is Firoz K. Hussain working as Team Lead in UAE for one the private firm. My technical experience includes Oracle DBA/RAC, Apps DBA, Fusion DBA, Oracle Cloud DBA. I learned Fusion Middleware products like Weblogic, OAM, OIM, SOA, EBSR12 in OCI and OCI from K21. Thanks to the team and happy to part of it. By learning these, to help the community I started one blog called https://blog.hussaindba.com where I share all my practical experience. Regards, Firoz K. Hussain. +971551862816 https://blog.hussaindba.com
  9. Hi Team - I am planning to migrate EBS 12.1.3 from RHEL 5 to RHEL 7 along with upgrading JDK and ORACLE_HOME Out of your implementation experience ,please let me know out of below 2 ,which one is a better option 1) Upgrade ORACLE_HOME and JDK on RHEL 5 and then migrate to RHEL7 2) Migrate the application and database on RHEL-7 and then upgrade JDK and ORACLE_HOME? Thx
  10. Hi Team - What is the importance of "Applications SSO Linking Source of Truth" in EBS R12 while implementing SSO for EBS ? Thx
  11. Yes Right Thanks and Regards, Alekhya
  12. Hi Team - Weblogic "/Console" generally does not show under Deployment (on WLS Admin Console) as an application? Is it deployed internally on Admin Server? Regds
  13. Question: Can you integrate IaaS, PaaS, SaaS the service models? Example: Create an IaaS compute instance that can connect to PaaS database service?
  14. Hi SAi, This is the correct diagram, Private Load balancer is within AD and its failover as well. Which is well clearly shown in the diagram. Now backend servers that can span across AD. Thanks & Regards, Rohit
  15. During the private load balancer topic the ppt which has the diagram shows the loadbalance spans between 2 AD's, is that a mistake?
  16. Hi Arun, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute consists of Virtual Machine & Bare Metal Machines which consist of Shapes, where shapes is a template that determines the number of CPUs, amount of memory, and other resources allocated to a newly created instance. In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Gen2 Cloud) as of Jan 2019, there are two types of Shapes available both for VM instances & Bare Metal Instances, which is Standard & Dense Shapes, the basic difference between Dense shapes & Standard shapes is the dense shapes comes with Local NVMe Storage which provides high IOPS & Standard shapes come with Block storage which provides low IOPS as compared to NVMe Storage. Earlier High shapes were also available, which comes with NVMe Storage but low with Storage capacity as compared to Dense shapes. To know more about Compute & various compute shapes in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure check here (https://k21academy.com/iaas18) To know more about Storage in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure check here (https://k21academy.com/iaas20) To know more various shapes available as of Jan 2019 in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure check here (https://docs.cloud.oracle.com/iaas/Content/Compute/References/computeshapes.htm#footnote_1_2) Thanks & Regards, Rohit (TeamK21)
  17. What is difference between Dense I/O and High I/O ?
  18. Hi Alekhya - Basically, connection Pool in Weblogic is used for DB connection and Connection Factory in Weblogic in used to make the connection with third party application/Service provider . Please correct me if I have understood it correctly. Thx
  19. Hi Priyatosh, Thanks for writing to us! PFB for the answer to your query. Connection Pool is some thing like a pool of database connection maintained at one place so that an application or client can use it whenever it requires. A client uses connection factory to create a connection with a service provider i.e generally JMS.Mainly this is used for Setting Up a JMS Application. Thanks and Regards, Alekhya
  20. What is the difference between connection pool and connection factory ? In which context they can be used ?
  21. [AK] Please find the steps for OHS Error customize page 1. First, you create customize page and developed it under <ORACLE_INSTANCE>/config/OHS/<component_name>/htdocs. Just make sure the size of the page should be more than 50 KB. 2. Now Open the OHS httpd.conf file located at <ORACLE_INSTANCE>/config/OHS/<component_name> 3. search in the editor like ‘ErrorDocument 403’ which can be seen as commented text and Next to the commented text line, add the below lines for configuring the Error Pages as error403Page.html are deployed in OHS htdocs. 3) Save the changes to the httpd.conf file. 4) Restart OHS server <ORACLE_INSTANCE>/bin/opmnctl restartproc ias-component=<component-type> 5) Also you check the error 403 or 404 for apache and add the page for that as well and trace the HTTP Headers as well to check the changes and where the error is coming
  22. [AK] seems like in your moveplan.xml file the instance home path is different, can you please check again the moveplan.xml file and see the instance path if you found the path is different then take the backup of moveplan.xml file and change in file and then run the copyconfig to reflect the changes please
  23. This question is from one of the trainees from our Oracle Fusion Middleware Training. Query - I am cloning obi, while running pasteconfig.sh, for instance, it is showing error SEVERE : The instance home path specifed in domain move plan should be used. Any change requires a rerun of domain config.
  24. Hi Priyatosh "Stub", is javabased method and replica-aware like when in the cluster when if one server failed to this stub already make a replica of that failed server and other servers in cluser can work on the application.
  25. What is a "stub" in Weblogic Cluster ? What is the the role of stub in a cluster?
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