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  1. Thank Ileko! Hope this one helps in keeping track of things, so its easier to manage the progress.
  2. Hi Ileko, Welcome to the Community Forum
  3. Ok. Everyone in the Academy is here because they have one or more goals relating to Oracle Technologies. If I had to give our members just one bit of advice - it would be to start a progress log. Not next week. Now. Accountability is key to reaching your goals, so I urge you - if you truly want to get results, now is the time to start your own progress log... Set specific goals/targets. Ultimately you're in charge of your progress. What do you want to achieve? Create a new thread. This will be YOUR thread. Where other members come to check out what you're working on, see updates about your progress and post feedback, encouragement and advice Put your goals list right at the top of your new thread so it's easy for other members to follow along and help you keep on the right track.. Choose an update schedule and STICK TO IT. Remember, you're in charge of your own progress. I recommend updating your practice log weekly. People who keep progress logs will achieve much better results than those who don't. To that end, I invite every member to keep their own progress log, tracking goals, targets and accomplishments unique to them and their goals. The moral of the story is that you are capable of supercharging your progression. Start tracking your progress today and you’ll accomplish more tomorrow; and next week, you’ll be unstoppable. Now, go HERE and start YOUR own thread - that thread will be your progress log. Atul
  4. Hey you, YES YOU! Don't just lurk around in the shadows, PLEASE SAY HI! In this section of the forum we want you to share your story. Simply start a new thread with a title like "New Member: Atul Kumar from London (UK)" and tell us: Who you are? Where are you? What stage are you at in terms of Oracle Technologies? What's your background? Any cool stories to tell? Why did you join K21 Academy? Don't be afraid to share the nitty gritty here either. This section is only accessible to members. We want every individual to feel like they're joining a family, and now you're part of the family you can help us by welcoming others into this community too. Once you've introduced yourself we'd really appreciate it if you say "hi" to someone else that's just become a member. Just look in the "Introduce Yourself" section of the forum and say "hi" to a few new members.   Cheers! Atul  NOW: Go HERE, and start your introduction thread by simply clicking "start new topic" on the right hand side.
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