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  1. Hi Alexandre, Yes Oracle doesn't guarantee that your IP remains persistent, however for the best practices you must use Reserved IP's for your instance as Oracle don't charge extra for IP's
  2. This post the covers the Answer of the Question asked by one of our reader which is " Is OCI or OCI-C in IDCS ?" Before Going to the question, let us understand What is OCI, OCI-C, and IDCS? Basically, when we look into the cloud service model, it is categorized into three types: SaaS (Software as a Service) PaaS (Platform as a Service) IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Both OCI and OCI-C are platforms for IaaS: OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Classic) formerly called Oracle Public Cloud (OPC) Based on Xen hypervisor Offers VMs only Elastic of Dedicated Compute OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) Essentially a rebranding of Oracle's Bare Metal Cloud Service (BMCS) Hypervisor-based on KVM Offers VMs and Bare Metal compute Compute, Availability Domain, Virtual Cloud Network, and Edge deployment If you want to know more about OCI & OCI-C and it's different, please have a look to our blog on OCI vs OCI-C: IaaS from Oracle If you want to enhance your skills by Learning Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Click Here) IDCS (Identity Cloud Service ) Oracle Identity Cloud Service provides identity management, single-sign-on (SSO) and identity governance for applications on-premise, in the cloud and mobile applications. Any user can access the application at any time, anywhere on a device in a secure manner. Oracle IDCS integrates directly with existing directories and identity management system, making it easier for users to access applications. Providing a platform that is robust and secure, allows users to access, develop and deploy their applications. if you want to know more about IDCS please have a look to our blog on Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) Overview & Concepts Now the question is " Is OCI or OCI-C in IDCS"? Yes IDCS is part of both OCI & OCI-C as both are Offerings from Oracle Cloud with different functionality and both needs to be secured, so IDCS played a vital role in securing your cloud data enforcing various roles, user, groups, and policy, however, you can also integrate your on-premise data via Oracle Identity Cloud Service. If you want to learn Oracle Identity Cloud Service (Click Here) Please comment and let us know if you have any doubts and issue.
  3. Step1: Login to your Cloud Console with your username & password (Cloud.Oracle.com) Step 2: Click on Database Hamburger Menu and then click on the open service console Step 3: Click on your Database Name and then click on hamburger menu and then click on ssh access Step 4: Now either browse your public key or paste the content of your public key and then click on Add new key Step5: Once you click on Add new, one screen comes out prompting "confirm that you wish to add a new key" click on submit and it will successfully be added and replace your previous public key. Note: Make sure the public key you updating, you also the private key for the same. This will complete updating your public key to your running database on Oracle cloud using cloud console.
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