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  1. This question is from one of the trainees from our Oracle Access manager Training. Q. I need to migrate OID 10g data over to OUD Oracle Unified Directory 12c. Can you let me know the high level steps to migrate OID to OUD? [AK] There is no direct path to migrate from OiD to OUD Here is manual migration path 1. Migrate custom attributes & objectclass from oid to oud 2. Migrate groups 3. Migrate Users 4. Migrate custom password policies You can use GUI for 1 & 4 or ldap command for all four Tasks https://blogs.oracle.com/sduloutr/migration-stategy-to-oracle-unified-directory https://wiki.loopback.org/display/KB/EUS+Migration+from+OID+to+OUD
  2. Kirti Jain

    How to change discoverer default port

    [AK] 11g How To Change The Discoverer Port Numbers (Doc ID 2051975.1) APPLIES TO: Oracle Discoverer - Version to [Release 9.0.4 to 11g] https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/core.1111/e10105/ports.htm#ASADM030
  3. This question is from one of the trainees from our Oracle Fusion Middleware Training. Q. The default URL for Oracle Discoverer is http://octlebsdisca20.7-11.com:8090/discoverer/viewer How can I change the port 8090 to 8010? Could you please provide me the steps to direct me to MOS?
  4. Question1: have received a userid/password to connect from OUD server to AD server and it is used to install at the time of proxy set. Does it require to have a read-only or read-write on AD server? [AK] when you are using the Proxy server with OUD on behalf of AD server its required only read only mode on AD sever. Proxy server will do the operations. Question2: while running OUD-proxy_setup. .i am getting multiple realms after passing correct AD server details. do I need to pass the details related to AD login user or everything? [AK] you would be selecting the realms of the user at present which require to do the authentication at the database.
  5. [AK] Unable to Use EUSM Against Specific OUD Instance(Doc ID 1912789.1) When EUSM is run, orclVersion in the realm DN is not returned by OUD due to an incorrect configuration. The FA workflow element was configured incorrectly and removed the EUS workflow element from the workflow topology. i.e. - Network group "network-group" uses userroot0 workflow - The userroot0 workflow uses the FA workflow element (fawe) for the base DN dc=example,dc=com - The fawe workflow element is an FA Workflow Element, with next = userRoot
  6. One of our trainee from Oracle Unified Directory Trainee was hitting one issue while he granting the role to the group using EUS. Question: I am getting following error message while granting the role to the group using EUS. eusm grantrole enterprise_role="ORACLE_DBA" domain_name="OracleDefaultDomain" realm_dn="CN=OUDUser-s,OU=Service,OU=PBUsers,DC=pbi,DC=global,DC=pvt" group_dn="CN=ORACLE_DBA,OU=Application and Utility,OU=PBGroups,DC=pbi,DC=global,DC=pvt" ldap_port=3389 ldap_host=xxx ldap_user_dn="cn=Directory Manager" ldap_user_password="xxxx" Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException at oracle.security.eus.esm.EUSRealmManager.checkRealmVersion(EUSRealmManager.java:474) at oracle.security.eus.esm.EUSRoleManager.grantRole(EUSRoleManager.java:391) at oracle.security.eus.util.ESMdriver.grantRole(ESMdriver.java:706) at oracle.security.eus.util.ESMdriver.main(ESMdriver.java:155)
  7. Question: What is the OAM and OID cloning? What methodology can be used for the same? [AK] Cloning is creating replica of Production to Test and for cloning OAM & OID you use T2P method Provided by Oracle . Check more at https://onlineappsdba.com/index.php/2011/05/25/cloning-oracle-fusion-middleware-11g-soa-webcenter-ucm-copybinary-copyconfig-extractmoveplan-pastebinary-pasteconfig-cloningclientjar/
  8. Kirti Jain

    Weblogic | NodeManager : Shut down MS

    Hi Priyatosh Node Manager acts as an agent and wherever you starting or stopping any managed server through Admin console node manager should be up and running. you can't stop or start any MS from the admin console if Node manager process is killed. But if you are using command prompt or .sh you can start the managed and Admin server (even node manager is down) we cover this in our Oracle WebLogic training. Check here for full details http://k21academy.com/weblogic https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E13222_01/wls/docs81/adminguide/nodemgr.html#1152388
  9. OAM Performance & Tuning https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E40329_01/doc.1112/e28552/oam.htm#ASPER510 OID Performance & Tuning https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E40329_01/doc.1112/e28552/oid.htm#ASPER99273
  10. Use the Below link https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E40329_01/dev.1112/e27134/custpages.htm#AIDEV340 https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E52734_01/oam/AIAAG/GUID-9CC9A7D5-FB99-4DB2-A914-206EF298F98D.htm#AIAAG8650 1281026.1 How To Configure A Custom Login Page For OAM 11g
  11. The steps are very different from R12.1. to R12.2 (you can do the following changes online while your application is running) Add Managed Server perl $AD_TOP/patch/115/bin/adProvisionEBS.pl \ ebs-create-managedserver -contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE \ -managedsrvname=oacore_server11 -servicetype=oacore \ -managedsrvport=<desired_port> -logfile=$APPLRGF/TXK/addMS_oacore_server11.log Change Managed Server Property if necessary perl $AD_TOP/patch/115/bin/adProvisionEBS.pl ebs-set-managedsrvproperty -contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE -managedsrvname=oacore_server11 -serverstartargs="<complete Args>" Add Managed Server configuration to Apache oacore perl $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/txkSetAppsConf.pl -contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE \ -configoption=addMS -oacore=<host>:<port1>,<host>:<port2> forms perl $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/txkSetAppsConf.pl -contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE \ -configoption=addMS -forms=<host>:<port1>,<host>:<port2> start the Managed server Start Managed Server sh $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/admanagedsrvctl.sh start <Desired Ms Name> Note: Once you do all the changes make sure you Bounce the Apache services $ adapcctl.sh status we have covered this topic in our Apps DBA Training in details check here for more details Oracle Apps DBA (R12.2) Install | Patch | Clone | Maintain Traning
  12. Follow the below steps to increase the oacore processes in R12.1 1. Take a backup of below files opmn.xml and $CONTEXT_FILE 2. Modify $CONTEXT_FILE as follows From <oacore_nprocs oa_var="s_oacore_nprocs">1</oacore_nprocs> To <oacore_nprocs oa_var="s_oacore_nprocs">4</oacore_nprocs> 3)Modify opmn.xml file as follows under oacore section modify as follows (<process-type id="oacore" module-id="OC4J" status="enabled" working-dir="$ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/home">) From <process-set id="default_group" numprocs="1"/> To <process-set id="default_group" numprocs="4"/> 5. Bounce Apache services 6. check $ adapcctl.sh status
  13. Kirti Jain

    Weblogic | Stuck Thread and Identification

    Hi Priyatosh A Weblogic stuck thread simply means a thread performing the same request for a very long time and more than the configurable check the Stuck Thread MAX time from here : Now to know which application using how many threads? a) Login to your WebLogic admin console. b) Here for sample Admin Server -> Monitoring ->Threads shows two tables. The bottom table will give the details about each thread serving which application. c) To view you need to click on customize this table filter then in customized table added Application and Module. d) The application secret you will aware now as shown below: This Stuck Thread and other threads like Hogging Thread and how to take a heap dump, thread dump we have explained in detailed in our Oracle Weblogic Server Administration Training Oracle Weblogic Server (12C/11g) Administration : Step By Step Activity Guide/ Hands on Lab Exercise
  14. One of existing trainee was installing the Database 11g on REHL 6 and after installing all required packages and automatic setup he was getting the issue when he run the ./runInstaller as below Checking monitor: must be configured to display at least 256 colors >>> Could not execute auto check for display colors using command /usr/bin/xdpyinfo. Check if the DISPLAY variable is set. Failed <<<< Some requirement checks failed. You must fulfill these requirements before continuing with the installation,Continue? (y/n) [n] [AK]: if you are in situation Like this Follow the below steps 1) login into root user( su -l root) 2) execute this command : xhost +SI:localuser:oracle 3) login to the oracle user 4) execute ./runInstaller It should work now
  15. [AK] Check 1. If this web application is using Web Server or not and which one like Apache, Oracle HTTP Server, IBM HTTP Server etc 2. Is there an enterprise LDAP Server like OUD, OID, MS-AD etc and are these users in application sync with LDAP Server 3. Is there multiple languages or Just English ? 4. Do you want to integrate with existing login server like CA Site minder? 5. Is there any Zero Sign-On (with MS-AD Server) requirement? 6. Idle Timeout requirement if any? 7. How many parallel sessions this user can have ? 8. Do you have multiple authentication requirement like application 1 should have 2 factor login and application 2 as single factor ? 9. Recovery Time & Downtime allowed 10. Number of users on system and concurrent user login 11. Audit requirements for Login