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  1. Hi Alekhya - Basically, connection Pool in Weblogic is used for DB connection and Connection Factory in Weblogic in used to make the connection with third party application/Service provider . Please correct me if I have understood it correctly. Thx
  2. What is the difference between connection pool and connection factory ? In which context they can be used ?

    Weblogic | Stub

    What is a "stub" in Weblogic Cluster ? What is the the role of stub in a cluster?
  4. Hi Alekhya - As a temporary workaround, we have changed the PID Location to a local Mount point and we are not facing any issue after that . Yes , FS is a NFS one and this issue started after server team upgraded the Clusterware software. Thx
  5. Hi Team - Apache services are getting abruptly stopped in EBS R12.1.3 on RHEL 7. On investigating we found that the httpd.pid file is missing from $INST_TOP/pids/10.1.3/Apache , Apache process gets orphaned and KILL -9 <Apache PID> also doesn't work . --Server : /var/log/messages Output-- kernel: INFO: task httpd:<HTTPD PID > blocked for more than 120 seconds. --HTTP_Server.log--- $INST_TOP/ora/10.1.3/Apache/Apache/bin/apachectl hardstop: httpd (no pid file) not running Any thoughts or inputs is really appreciable.

    Weblogic | NodeManager : Shut down MS

    Hi Kirti - Thx for the input . Actually, I tested this scenario and surprisingly it works. --Scenario-- OS : Linux RHEL 5 1. Admin + NodeManager + MS are Up 2. Killed Node Manager process (Kill -9 <PID>) 3. Tried to Stop MS from Console and it got stopped. Thx
  7. Dear Team, Node Manager is mandatory to Start Managed servers from Admin console but not mandatory to stop the MS i.e. (Even if the node manager process is killed,we can still stop the managed server from Admin console). Any logic behind this ? Thx
  8. Any document that can be referred for identification of stuck therad, the object on which thread is stuck ?