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  1. Refer these Oracle Note Id's Latest GoldenGate/Database (OGG/RDBMS) Patch recommendations (Doc ID 2193391.1) Oracle GoldenGate -- Oracle RDBMS Server Recommended Patches (Doc ID 1557031.1)
  2. What are the latest PSU patches or other patches on top of OGG software version 12.3 ?Insert other media
  3. Refer these oracle links https://docs.oracle.com/goldengate/c1221/gg-winux/GWUAD/monitoring-oracle-goldengate-processing.htm#GWUAD633 What GoldenGate Monitoring products exist? (Doc ID 1472042.1) In addition, all Goldengate commands could be stored in obey file and then those can be scheduled using crontab / Control M.
  4. Do you have any automation startup/shutdown scripts or any other recommended monitoring scripts for OGG processes ?
  5. This document looks clear. Refer this note How to Configure DG4ODBC on 64bit Unix OS (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX Itanium) to Connect to Non-Oracle Databases Post Install (Doc ID 561033.1)
  6. I want to connect my EBS (R12), my db is with MS SQL SERVER ODBC please share any document if you have I tried to follow metalink Doc ID 466228.1 but not understanding some steps.
  7. You can refer below notes for Patching in 12.1 and 11i Patching 12.1 & 11i https://onlineappsdba.com/index.php/2009/08/12/oracle-apps-11ir12-autopatch-adpatch-admsipl/ https://blogs.oracle.com/stevenchan/new-ebs-11i-patch-wizard-identifies-patches-needed-for-extended-support https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18727_01/doc.121/e12148/T531058T531062.htm
  8. You can refer below notes for Cloning in 12.1 and 11i Cloning EBS 12.1 & 11i: Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i with Rapid Clone (Doc ID 230672.1) Cloning Oracle Applications Release 12 with Rapid Clone [ID 406982.1] https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26854_01/doc.121/e57981/T508706T512065.htm
  9. Oracle GoldenGate Application Adapters for Java and Flat File expand Oracle GoldenGate’s capabilities to non-database sources and targets, including JMS message bus, native database loaders, and more. The Oracle GoldenGate Adapters can be used to apply transactional changes to targets other than a relational database: for example, ETL, JMS messaging, or custom Java APIs. There are a variety of options for integration with Oracle GoldenGate using these Adapters: Flat File Integration: Oracle GoldenGate for Flat File can write micro batches to disk to be consumed by tools that expect batch file input such as ETL, proprietary or legacy applications. The data is formatted to the specifications of the target application such as delimiter separated values, or length delimited values. Near real-time feeds to these systems are accomplished by decreasing the time window for batch file rollover to minutes or even seconds. JMS Messaging: Oracle GoldenGate for Java provides out-of-the-box functionality allowing transactions or operations to be published as JMS messages. Similarly, transactions can be captured from JMS messages and delivered through GoldenGate to supported target systems. Java API: custom event handlers can be written in Java to process transaction, operation and metadata changes captured by Oracle GoldenGate on the source system. These custom Java handlers can apply these changes to a third-party Java API exposed by the target system.
  10. Check these two Note IDs: A Detailed Approach To Purging Oracle Workflow Runtime Data (Doc ID 144806.1) E-Business Suite Workflow Script bde_wf_data.sql To Query Workflow Runtime Data That Is Eligible For Purging (Doc ID 165316.1)
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