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  1. Hi Priyatosh, Thanks for writing to us! PFB for the answer to your query. Connection Pool is some thing like a pool of database connection maintained at one place so that an application or client can use it whenever it requires. A client uses connection factory to create a connection with a service provider i.e generally JMS.Mainly this is used for Setting Up a JMS Application. Thanks and Regards, Alekhya
  2. Hi Priyatosh, This is a known issue and you have to move it. The recommendation is to move entire inst top. If that is not feasible, Then move pid and lock file directory to local fs. Thanks and Regards, Alekhya
  3. Hi Priyatosh, Thanks for writing to us! We think the underlying filesystem is NFS. If yes, then this is expected. What is the nature of underlying filesystem? In R12.1, inst_top should be in local storage. Thanks and Regards, Alekhya
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