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  1. We are currently in upgrade mode from 11g stack to 12c stack. On the 11g stack: oid is mainly managed by the OPMN processors. On the 12c stack: oid is a component type. We found a major difference between the 2 versions when it comes to handling outages of the Database that OID is connected to. In 11g -> the opmn processors just die and you will need to start them again if the Database goes down for maintenance. In 12c -> the component just hangs, in some cases occupying 1 full CPU thread completely and showing high CPU. Question: What experience or suggested can you give in this case? We fully understand that Database can die or go down or something of that sort: but we want to monitor this whole thing. We created the monitoring for viewing the status of the components in 12c but found out that it does not work since the component does not die but just hangs. In addition to that: we don't even understand why it needs to die, why can't it simply reconnect to the Oracle Database in the same matter as Data Source reconnect in the weblogic. Question 2: do you know of any configuration changes in 12c that can at least bring similar functionality in 12c to 11g? So that at least 12c component will simply shut itself down if the database servicing it will go down as well.
  2. It can be DIP or any other Oracle Process -> it does not matter. We would like it to be DIP as we are familiar with it in 11g stack. Yes, I really need the SAML and Federation information. The whole reason why I signed up for this course was this ad: https://k21academy.com/oracle-accesss-manager/video-oracle-identity-and-access-management-oracle-identity-federation/ It turned out that the only video that you have on Federation in the cource is the same video that you have in the ad itself. I see that you don't cover much about DIP, just the basics. That is fine -> we are more or less familiar with DIP. At the moment: what we want is the SAML portion of integration with Azure.
  3. I have a bit more information: It appears what needs to be done is integration of AZURE AD with OIF/OAM (Oracle Identity Federal/Oracle Access Manager) using SAML 2.0 protocol. Is this going to be included in the training?
  4. Hi, Our task is: OID/OAM of version to have integration with Azure AD using the SAML protocol. Questions: Do you have anything in the training on this? Does it needs to be done by DIP or something else?
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