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Kirti Jain

REP-56040: "Server <servername> already exists in the network" When Starting Reports Server

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One of the existing trainees of our Oracle Weblogic Training was hitting an issue while he was trying to start the report server 

As his query Below:

 I installed WebLogic and installed oracle forms and reports. I started the node manager works good, started the admin server and it created the OHS folder. I create the report server tool reptools1 and till now it all works great. The moment i create report server instance my_repserv the node manager keeps giving messages trying to reconnect. And i go to EM manager and I see that i cannot start OHS as well.

What is possibly gone wrong? Is this something related to access to the production database? Is it some library or java files? I just don't hany any clue. Attached are the screen shots

Please see attached 1

I also check the following file


Please see attached 2
Then i checked this


Please see image 3


ec—4246-Sabf--7bc9a7e9080d-00000002, 01 Multicast:init java.net. SocketException: Unrecognized Windows Sockets error: 0: no Inet4Address associated wi
-4246-8abf-7bc9a7e9080d-00000002,0] SecurityHelper:start Writeable folders not configured. Output destination to ‘File’ will fail.
cid: c69ca8b2-dfec—4246-8abf-7bc9a7e9080d-00000002,0] REP-56040 : Server my_repsrv already exists in the network. [[






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It seems like you report server already exists on the server or in your whole network 

can you check once if any report server which you have created is already created by someone else in your network 


rwdiag.sh -findall |grep <correct report server name)

or check with the hostname 

http://<hostname>.<domain>:<port>/reports/rwservlet/getserverinfo?server=<report sever>

Note: Note: reports server does not exist on the machine you are trying to create but it must not exist in all the whole network

Reference: 1. https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/11119/classic/use-reports/pbr_verify004.htm#RSPUB23230

2. Oracle Note Doc ID 437228.1 and Doc ID 313383.1 

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