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Atul Kumar

How to Clone Oracle EBS R 12.1.3 integrated with OAM/OID/OUD for SSO

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If you are looking to clone  Oracle EBS R 12.1.3 integrated with OAM/OID/OUD for SSO then follow below two My Oracle Support Notes 

1) 2164728.1  Cloning Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Environments Integrated with Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 (11.1.2) and Oracle E-Business Suite AccessGate 
2) 1123843.1  E-Business Suite Applications Technology Stack Cloning SSO-Enabled Environments in E-Business Suite Using Applications Manager 

High Level steps post clone of EBS R12 include 

1) Remove OAM References 
Execute the following command to remove the references to Oracle Access Manager from this Oracle E-Business Suite environment:

$ txkrun.pl -script=SetOAMReg -removeoamreferences=yes

2) Remove OID References 

a) In the recently cloned Oracle E-Business Suite instance, set the value of the "Application SSO LDAP Synchronization" profile option to "Disabled" at the site level.

b) Remove all references to the original OID instance: Follow the instructions in section 4 (Remove References) of My Oracle Support Knowledge Document 1370938.1, Registering Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 with Oracle Internet Directory 11gR1 and Single Sign-On, to perform the 'Remove References' task only.

c) Delink all Oracle E-Business Suite users that were linked to the original Oracle Internet Directory users (i.e. where FND_USER.USER_GUID is populated), since those old links are no longer valid.

As the APPS user, run the script to unlink all Oracle E-Business Suite users:

SQL>@$FND_TOP/patch/115/sql/fndssouu.sql %

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