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Kirti Jain

How to change Database connection string in OAM/OID/Webgate/EBSAcccessgate

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One of Our Existing Trainee asked about  Where in  OID/OAM/OHS/EBSACCESSGATE/WEBGATE application the Oracle Database Connect string change is needed?


[AK] :  1) For OID Application Oracle Database Connect String need to change from 

vi $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/tnsnames.ora


2) FOR OAM Application Oracle Database Connect String need to change from

cd $DOMAIN_HOME/config/jdbc




if you want from the console then check 


  • In the left pane, click to expand the Services, JDBC, and Connection Pool nodes to display the list of connection pools in the current domain.
  • Click the connection pool that you want to configure. ...
  • Click the Configuration tab, then click the Connections tab.




3) for AccessGate and Webgate, does not require to change any Oracle Database Connect string. 



please make sure Take backup and Test thoroughly, if any issue check log files



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