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Kirti Jain

OAM Project implementation first questionnaire

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1. If this web application is using Web Server or not and which one like Apache, Oracle HTTP Server, IBM HTTP Server etc 
2. Is there an enterprise LDAP Server like OUD, OID, MS-AD etc and are these users in application sync with LDAP Server 
3. Is there multiple languages or Just English ?
4. Do you want to integrate with existing login server like CA Site minder?
5. Is there any Zero Sign-On (with MS-AD Server) requirement?
6. Idle Timeout requirement if any?
7. How many parallel sessions this user can have ?
8. Do you have multiple authentication requirement like application 1 should have 2 factor login and application 2 as single factor ?
9. Recovery Time & Downtime allowed 
10. Number of users on system and concurrent user login 
11. Audit requirements for Login

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