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Priyatosh SINHA

Weblogic | Stuck Thread and Identification

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1.WebLogic.Admin utility:  javaWebLogic.Admin adminurl -username WebLogic -password WebLogic1 THRED_DUMP

2.Admin console: 
Step1: login to the weblogic admin console
Step2: Click on server (under domain)
Step3: Navigate to servers 
Step4: Click monitor tab
Step5: Click on thread
Step6: Click on the dumpthread stack.

Location of the Thread Dump:  

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When do we require to take Thread dump? 

  1: when server is hang Position, i.e. that time server will not respond to coming requests.

  2: While sever is taking more time to restart 

  3: When we are Getting exception like “java.lang.OutOfMemoryException”

  4: unable to process new requests or running out of File descriptors. Server cannot accept further requests because sockets cannot be created

  5: Performance Issue in the code (badly written code )

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Hi Priyatosh 

A Weblogic stuck thread simply means a thread performing the same request for a very long time and more than the configurable

check the Stuck Thread MAX time from here :



Now to know which application using how many threads?

a)    Login to your WebLogic admin console.

b)    Here for sample Admin Server -> Monitoring ->Threads shows two tables. The bottom table will give the details about each thread serving which application.

c)    To view you need to click on customize this table filter then in customized table added Application and Module.




d)    The application secret you will aware now as shown below:



This Stuck Thread and other threads like  Hogging Thread and how to take a heap dump, thread dump we have explained in detailed in our Oracle Weblogic Server Administration Training

Oracle Weblogic Server (12C/11g) Administration : Step By Step Activity Guide/ Hands on Lab Exercise





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It is possible that some of the web logic threads are doing legitimate (supposed to run longer)
work for over 10 min with no issues. If you have such threads then you 
should consider placing them in a another work manager with proper setting 
for the "StuckThreadMaxTime" parameter

(Example: Something similar concept to creating custom concurrent managers in EBS  where you define work shift rules ,etc specifically for those managers to pick up and run certain requests by those custom managers only )   

In such scenarios where you may want to set the time settings for those particular threads by creating separate work managers for them ,below is the link with screen shots how to create work managers in web logic ) 





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