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This post the covers the  Answer of the Question asked by one of our reader which is " Is OCI or OCI-C in IDCS ?"

Before Going to the question, let us understand What is OCI, OCI-C, and IDCS?

Basically, when we look into the cloud service model, it is categorized into three types:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • IaaS  (Infrastructure as a Service)

Both OCI and OCI-C are platforms for IaaS:

OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Classic)

  • formerly called Oracle Public Cloud (OPC)
  • Based on Xen hypervisor
  • Offers VMs only
  • Elastic of Dedicated Compute

OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)

  • Essentially a rebranding of Oracle's Bare Metal Cloud Service (BMCS)
  • Hypervisor-based on KVM
  • Offers VMs and Bare Metal compute
  • Compute, Availability Domain, Virtual Cloud Network, and Edge deployment

If you want to know more about OCI & OCI-C and it's different, please have  a look to our blog  on  OCI vs OCI-C: IaaS from Oracle

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IDCS (Identity Cloud Service )

Oracle Identity Cloud Service provides identity management, single-sign-on (SSO) and identity governance for applications on-premise, in the cloud and mobile applications. Any user can access the application at any time, anywhere on a device in a secure manner. Oracle IDCS integrates directly with existing directories and identity management system, making it easier for users to access applications. Providing a platform that is robust and secure, allows users to access, develop and deploy their applications.

if you want to know more about IDCS please have a look to  our blog on Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) Overview & Concepts

Now the question is  " Is OCI or OCI-C in IDCS"?

Yes IDCS is part of both OCI & OCI-C as both are Offerings from Oracle Cloud with different functionality and both needs to be secured, so IDCS played a vital role in securing your cloud data  enforcing various roles, user, groups, and policy, however, you can also integrate your on-premise data via Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

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Please comment and let us know if you have any doubts and issue.


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