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The steps are very different from R12.1. to R12.2 (you can do the following changes online while your application is running)


Add Managed Server

perl $AD_TOP/patch/115/bin/adProvisionEBS.pl \

ebs-create-managedserver -contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE \

-managedsrvname=oacore_server11 -servicetype=oacore \

-managedsrvport=<desired_port> -logfile=$APPLRGF/TXK/addMS_oacore_server11.log


Change Managed Server Property if necessary

perl $AD_TOP/patch/115/bin/adProvisionEBS.pl ebs-set-managedsrvproperty -contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE -managedsrvname=oacore_server11 -serverstartargs="<complete Args>"



Add Managed Server configuration to Apache


perl $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/txkSetAppsConf.pl -contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE \

-configoption=addMS -oacore=<host>:<port1>,<host>:<port2>



perl $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/txkSetAppsConf.pl -contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE \

-configoption=addMS -forms=<host>:<port1>,<host>:<port2>


start the Managed server 


Start Managed Server 

sh $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/admanagedsrvctl.sh start <Desired Ms Name>



Note: Once you do all the changes make sure you Bounce the Apache services $ adapcctl.sh status


 we have covered this topic in our Apps DBA Training in details check here for more details  Oracle Apps DBA (R12.2) Install | Patch | Clone | Maintain Traning



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