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Priyatosh SINHA

Weblogic | NodeManager : Shut down MS

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Hi Priyatosh 

Node Manager acts as an agent and wherever you starting or stopping any managed server through Admin console node manager should be up and running. 

you can't stop or start any MS  from the admin console if Node manager process is killed. But if you are using command prompt or .sh  you can start the managed and Admin server (even node manager is down)

we cover this in our Oracle WebLogic training. Check here for full details http://k21academy.com/weblogic


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Hi Kirti -

Thx for the input .

Actually, I tested this scenario and surprisingly it works.


OS : Linux RHEL 5

1. Admin + NodeManager + MS are  Up 

2. Killed Node Manager process (Kill -9  <PID>)

3. Tried to Stop MS from Console and it got stopped.


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