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Kirti Jain

Unable to Use EUSM Against Specific OUD Instance

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One of our trainee from Oracle Unified Directory Trainee was hitting one issue while he granting the role to the group using EUS. 

Question: I am getting following error message while granting the role to the group using EUS. 


eusm grantrole enterprise_role="ORACLE_DBA" domain_name="OracleDefaultDomain" realm_dn="CN=OUDUser-s,OU=Service,OU=PBUsers,DC=pbi,DC=global,DC=pvt" group_dn="CN=ORACLE_DBA,OU=Application and Utility,OU=PBGroups,DC=pbi,DC=global,DC=pvt" ldap_port=3389 ldap_host=xxx  ldap_user_dn="cn=Directory Manager" ldap_user_password="xxxx"
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
        at oracle.security.eus.esm.EUSRealmManager.checkRealmVersion(EUSRealmManager.java:474)
        at oracle.security.eus.esm.EUSRoleManager.grantRole(EUSRoleManager.java:391)
        at oracle.security.eus.util.ESMdriver.grantRole(ESMdriver.java:706)
        at oracle.security.eus.util.ESMdriver.main(ESMdriver.java:155)


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[AK]  Unable to Use EUSM Against Specific OUD Instance(Doc ID 1912789.1)

When EUSM is run, orclVersion in the realm DN is not returned by OUD due to an incorrect configuration.

The FA workflow element was configured incorrectly and removed the EUS workflow element from the workflow topology.


- Network group "network-group" uses userroot0 workflow 
- The userroot0 workflow uses the FA workflow element (fawe) for the base DN dc=example,dc=com 
- The fawe workflow element is an FA Workflow Element, with next = userRoot

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