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Customization Page when OHS is down

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[AK] Please find the steps for OHS Error customize page 

1. First, you create customize page and developed it under <ORACLE_INSTANCE>/config/OHS/<component_name>/htdocs. Just make sure the size of the page should be more than 50 KB.

2. Now Open the OHS httpd.conf file located at <ORACLE_INSTANCE>/config/OHS/<component_name>

3. search in the editor like ‘ErrorDocument 403’ which can be seen as commented text and Next to the commented text line, add the below lines for configuring the Error Pages as error403Page.html are deployed in OHS htdocs.

3) Save the changes to the httpd.conf file.
4) Restart OHS server
<ORACLE_INSTANCE>/bin/opmnctl restartproc ias-component=<component-type>

5) Also you check the error 403 or 404 for apache and add the page for that as well and trace the HTTP Headers as well to check the changes and where the error is coming 

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