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Hi Arun,

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure  Compute consists of Virtual Machine & Bare Metal Machines which consist of Shapes,  where shapes is a template that determines the number of CPUs, amount of memory, and other resources allocated to a newly created instance. 

In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Gen2 Cloud) as of Jan 2019, there are two types of Shapes available both for  VM instances & Bare Metal Instances, which is Standard & Dense Shapes, the basic difference between Dense shapes & Standard shapes is the dense shapes comes with Local NVMe Storage which provides high IOPS & Standard shapes come with Block storage which provides low IOPS as compared to NVMe Storage.

Earlier High shapes were also available, which comes with NVMe Storage but low with Storage capacity as compared to Dense shapes.

To know more about Compute & various compute shapes in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure  check here (https://k21academy.com/iaas18)

To know more about Storage in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure check here (https://k21academy.com/iaas20)

To know more various shapes available as of Jan 2019 in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure check here (https://docs.cloud.oracle.com/iaas/Content/Compute/References/computeshapes.htm#footnote_1_2)

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit (TeamK21)



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