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I wonder whether the following answers are correct. What do you think?

Which two tasks can you perform on the Database Cloud Service Instance View page?

A. You can add pluggable databases (PDBs) to the database.
B. You can decrease the storage of an instance.
C. You can see patching information.
D. You can create new users to access an instance.
E. You can scale up to increase the shape of the current instance.
 Answer: C E

Which three consoles can be accessed from the Oracle Database Deployment page?
A. Database Express Manager Console
B. OPC Console
C. Application Express Console
D. User Console
E. Storage Container Console
F. DBaaS Monitor Console
Answer: A C F

Which two statements are true about the SSH tunnels within an Oracle Database Cloud Service environment?
A. An individual SSH tunnel is required for each port in the environment.
B. The client must provide the server with the SSH private key.
C. The SSH tunnel must be selected by a security rule to enable remote access.
D. The server must hold the SSH public and private keys in the SSH authorized_keys file.
E. Oracle Database Cloud Service provides a centralized key server for all SSH connections.
Answer: A C

Would be great to get some feedback on these questions.


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Hi Klaus,

Could you please suggest, why you don't these answers are correct and also point us with references to support your answers.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit (TeamK21)

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